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Ship Details Silver Galapagos

Photos Silver Galapagos

Silver Galapagos Cabins

silversea-silver-galapagos-dx-foto-01 silversea-silver-galapagos-dx-piantina
Deluxe Veranda Suite (DX)
Deck: 4

silversea-silver-galapagos-es-foto-01 silversea-silver-galapagos-es-piantina
Explorer Suite (ES)
Deck: 3, 4
Cabin: 3

silversea-silver-galapagos-sl-foto-01 silversea-silver-galapagos-sl-piantina
Silver Suite (SL)
Deck: 6
Cabin: 3

silversea-silver-galapagos-ts-foto-01 silversea-silver-galapagos-ts-piantina
Terrace Suite (TS)
Deck: 5
Cabin: 2

silversea-silver-galapagos-vr-foto-01 silversea-silver-galapagos-vr-piantina
Veranda Suite (VR)
Deck: 5
Cabin: 5